(Lead) Dr. Yamani as deputy director of mobile computing research center has received several national and international research and innovation awards including from Malaysian Technology Expo (MTE), and International Innovation and Technology Exhibition (ITEX). In addition, he has received excellent service (3 times) and outstanding service awards (3 times) . His research interests rely on cybersecurity, IoT and distributed computational paradigms.

Dr. Ahmady is Head of the Department of Computer Systems and Technology in the Faculty of computer science and Information Technology-University Malaya. He is also a Principal Investigator for MRUN-LRGS, FRGS, IIRG and other research grants. He has world renown record of successful supervision in cloud computing by winning the 2021 Huawei APAC ICT Competition.

Dr. Hadi Naghavipour has over ten years of industry engagement in the IT industry, focusing on emerging computational paradigms. By Having tertiary education in Telecommunication Engineering (BEng), Software Engineering (MSc), and Computer Science-Cloud Computing (PhD), He navigates Academia and Industry. He has put forward the cluster research proposal.

Huawei APAC ICT Competition.

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University Malaya is the leading research university in Malaysia, ranked 70th in world and 8th in Asia. The team of cloud experts from the academy and industry has formed to serve research cluster strategic goals.