Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Nahari directing Unitar school of IT with exceptional track records of achievement in respect to his leadership for MIT program (Master of Information Technology) . He obtained his Ph.D in Computer Science from Universiti Teknology Malaysia. He has been Co-founded, editorial member of IRICT annual conference, and currently technical chair of DaSET conference. His expertise relies on Computer Networking and Data Analytics.

Dr Ali Aitizaz received his Master’s Degree in Computer Systems Engineering from GIK Institute, Pakistan, with distinction. The author completed his PhD. degree in Cybersecurity and Blockchain Technology from the School
of IT, Monash University, Malaysia. He is a lecturer at the School of IT at UNITAR International University, Kelana Jaya, Malaysia. He is the author of several Journal papers and international Conferences. He has published more than twenty research papers, including in high-quality journals.
His research area includes Blockchain, Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity, Cryptography, Deep Learning, AI, and Healthcare Systems. Moreover, he has been the reviewer for
IEEE IOTJ, IEEE TNSE, IEEE ACCESS, IET, and HCIS journals for several years

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